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Ms. Sue Anne Han

Principal Consultant Psychologist
CEO & Co-founder

Sue Anne Han is a Psychologist and Certified EMDR practitioner – an evidence-based therapy that enables people to heal from emotional distress, trauma or adverse life experiences.

She deeply values a non-judgmental therapy approach with unconditional positive regard for her client where the client can feel safe and supported on the journey together to a safer shore and ultimately flourish again.

Sue Anne has worked with people from all cultures, lifestyles and religions dealing with a wide spectrum of clinical and non-clinical issues. Born in Singapore, she has lived in London, USA and Dubai for 13 years, she fully understands the struggles of transitioning and adjusting to changes in life.

Sue Anne takes a special interest in helping clients find success in their personal and professional life by connecting more deeply to their true element and life purpose. She also offers life skills coaching to help clients achieve their goals, such as transforming their career, getting fit, improving/finding significant relationships, overcoming life stressors, and achieving a higher self where the client can thrive and find joy.

In addition to her experience in a wide range of mental health therapy, she has had extensive experience consulting with executives and the corporate workplace on a range of issues related to Workplace Well-being, Preventive Care, Stress Management, and Transformational Counseling. She takes a special interest in integrative therapy, and how we nurture and nourish ourselves on all levels of the mind and body.

M.Psych, Clinical Counseling Psychology (San Diego, USA)

Neuropsychology (SGH)

Marriage and Family Therapy (Satir Institute and Gottman USA)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practitioner (Massachusetts, USA)

Certified EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Institute)

Registered with Association of Psychotherapist and Counselors Singapore

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

This forms the center of her focus in working with people. Whether it is an individual, couple, family, group or organization, she sees the crisis, problem and distress as an opportunity and gateway to personal and professional transformation.

The most important person you will ever meet is your true self, the most important lessons you will ever learn are the ones you already knew, and the most important journey you will ever take is the inner journey.

As described by her clients:

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