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Ms. Shirley Han


Shirley hails from more than 20 years of practice and know-how in soft-skills training and executive coaching for youths and adults. Shirley adopts a collaborative and emotionally attuned approach to engage the whole person in moving out of a reactive state into desired possibilities.

Inspired by the strong archetypes of the iconic movie ‘Wizard of Oz’, Shirley revels in helping people find their ‘Inner Wizard’ – a sweet spot where they are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

Shirley works with clients who are thrown off their game to get back their groove. They range from senior managers on leadership concerns to individuals with performance / public-speaking anxieties, workplace / unprocessed trauma, depression, phobias, grief & loss, relational and self-esteem issues.

Master of Counselling (Monash University)

Graduate Certification of Education Studies (Monash University)

Certified EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Institute)

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)

Employee Development Accreditation (Harisson Assessments)

Psychological First Aid (APACS)

Corporate Trainer (ACTA)

Member of:

Singapore Association of Counsellors (SAC)

Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS)

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

EMDR Singapore

Coaching is based on the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems.

It involves questioning techniques to help them navigate their issues, unlock their own potential and up their game.

The individual gains in seeing past perceived limitations and embrace new possibilities.

As described by her clients:

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