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Ms. Prisilla Tang

Child & Adolescent Counselor

Prisilla spent more than a decade in the corporate world hosting major events in the Middle East, China and South Korea. She witnessed first-hand the effects of uncared mental health on otherwise physically healthy people. The realisation spurred her interest to navigate to the mental health industry.

She is adept in counselling with English and Mandarin-speaking clients. She works with children and adults on emotional, behavioural, relational, and parenting issues. Her therapy works pivot on trauma (specifically attachment trauma and trauma-related issues),  anxiety and self-esteem issues,  and anger management. 

She adopts an integrative approach of evidence-based interventions using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic theories, EMDR Therapy, Play Therapy, and Mindfulness activities.

Languages: English, Mandarin

Master of Counselling (Swinburne University, Australia)

Graduate Diploma Psychology (Arden University, UK)

Registered Counsellor (Singapore Association for Counselling)

Certified EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Singapore)

Certified Play Therapist (Play Therapy International, UK)

“Humans are excellent problem-solvers, born with an innate ability to find solutions to day-to-day challenges.” — Gabriella Lancia, Psychologist.

Most of the time, clients are unable to find solutions to life challenges because they are emotionally overwhelmed. Therapy helps to reboot their innate abilities through gaining insight and calmness.

As described by her clients:

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