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The only workplace wellbeing platform in Asia founded by mental health specialists

The Elevated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Revitalise the minds and recharge the careers of your employees through our Elevated EAP.

Founded by mental health and productivity specialists, we provide comprehensive support for workplace well-being and positive work culture through evidence-based therapy, life coaching, nutritional guidance, and training workshops covering the entire care spectrum.

Escalating workplace mental health issues requires a more proactive approach


are disengaged

77% of employees are not engaged (quiet quitting) or actively disengaged (loud quitting) resulting in poor productivity.

mentally impacted

44% of employees report that their job has negatively affected their mental health.


resign due to mental health 

1 in 4 new employees quit due to mental health reasons.

Based on World Poll Survey covering more than 160 countries with 2.2 million employed respondents

5.6x return on every dollar spent

Employers that invest in workplace mental health stand to gain a $5.6 return in productivity for every dollar spent.

What is EAP?

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) aim to benefit employees by providing assistance for any personal or work-related problems that may have an adverse impact on their job performance and emotional well-being.

Some of the benefits of EAPs include happier employees, increased employee productivity, efficiency and morale, decreased absenteeism and sick leave, and greater employee retention.

Why choose Elevated EAP by Elemental Health?

Our Elevated EAP is the future of mental well-being. Our progressive, proactive, and accessible approach sets us apart from traditional EAPs, which often rely on generic, reactive methods with low utilisation rates. Unlike other mental health tech platforms, we reject the “One size fits all” approach, recognising that everyone’s situation and experiences are different which may require personalised care to achieve lasting change and personal growth.

Combining technology with a human touch, we offer a revolutionised EAP which takes a holistic and sustainable approach to help managers and leaders to improve workplace culture and empower employees to stay focused, reduce absenteeism, and experience increased job satisfaction.

Our services are accessible, compassionate, and outcome-driven, redefining how mental well-being should be nurtured in the workplace.

A more complex workforce requires a more comprehensive solution

As workforce well-being issues become more complex, traditional EAP is no longer effective as it focuses solely on addressing mental health issues and does not take a holistic approach to employee well-being. It often operates on a reactive basis rather than a proactive one, which can lead to issues being left unaddressed until they escalate into more significant problems. As the modern workplace evolves, traditional EAP has become outdated and insufficient in meeting the needs of employees.

We are PDPA compliant and ensure confidentiality to protect the privacy of individuals in our care.

How it Works

Tapping on a broad range of science-based and diversity-informed therapeutic approaches, our experienced team of psychotherapists help employees prevent and alleviate distress, manage difficult states, leading to healthier mental wellness and workplace flourish.

Our skilled corporate and life coaches help employees improve their work performance and enjoyment by co-creating strategies and skills to achieve concrete goals, navigate conflicts, and enhance self-efficacy, contributing to greater job/life satisfaction and increased productivity in the workplace.

By using technology to make it smarter, more personalized, and more effective, the entire care spectrum is relevant for employees of all levels which can include early intervention, preventive care, and/or crisis intervention. In addition, our nutritional expert helps employees make healthier choices that support optimal physical and mental health to improve energy, focus, and work delight. And all of these are easily accessible via web or mobile.

Workshops & Clinical Programmes

Designed and delivered by mental healthcare experts and organisation coach, our training and programming are science-backed and outcome driven.

The following are samples of the training sessions we offer. Get in touch with us to explore our full suite of programmes. 

Manager Training Series
Recognising that workplace culture profoundly impacts long-term mental health, we provide training for managers and leaders to foster a better workplace community. Sample topics include conflict resolution, embracing diversity, equity & inclusion, building healthy teams for a positive work environment and mental health first aid training.
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Excelling through Performance Enjoyment (Harrison Assessments)
Be it for interpersonal, group and/or leadership effectiveness, identifying you and your team’s performance enjoyment factors goes a long way in acing your game at work and in life.
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Emotional Intelligence for Team Motivation
Elevate self and situational awareness to better regulate your emotions, motivations, empathy and inter-personal interactions.
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Effective Conversation Skills
Build meaningful relationships and gain confidence and know-how when working with people from all walks of life, regardless of cultural and intergenerational diversity.
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Impromptu Public Speaking
Learn to manage nerves and audience expectations, build presence and impact while influencing them with relevant content and stories.
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The Art and Science of Influence
Leverage on different types and sources of persuasion to inspire and motivate others, build team-work, regardless of your work designation and roles in life.
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How we can help

Whether you need therapy, performance coaching or a more tailored treatment, we have solutions designed to be both effective and long-lasting.


Workshops and

and Executive

Nutritional Care

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