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Can AI replace EQ to make our jobs redundant?

Written by Shirley Han, Psychotherapist and Coach – Elemental Health

AI systems can be programmed to recognize and respond to certain emotional cues or text sentiment. However, truly understanding emotions in a human-like way, including the nuances, context, and cultural variations, is an intricate right-brain task that is quite beyond the left-brain analytics of AI.

Emotional Intelligence or Quotient (EQ) involves the ability to navigate complex personal, professional and social situations, which are deeply rooted in human experiences. Such as:

  • Empathy mindset – beyond understanding customers’ needs, it underlies inclusivity that offers a safe space for people to take risks and drive innovation.
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  • Critical thinking – based on discernment of relevant information, situational and ethical awareness for problem solving and decision making that impact broader community and morale.
  • Creativity & Originality companies need inspired and imaginative humans to dream up a better tomorrow, innovate and thrive.
  • Entrepreneurship – a passion, hunger, and drive to initiate and grow successful companies.
  • Resilience and Agility – a calculated optimism, tenacity and dexterity that help people traverse ever-changing landscapes and bounce back from adversities.
  • Leadership – inevitable business cycles and all forms of setbacks could diversify people. Leaders are people who can bring out the best in individuals and groups with wisdom and compassion.
  • Interpersonal Skills – involves astute communication skills and judgement that influence collaboration, negotiation, conflict management, team motivation, inclusivity … and the list goes on.

These EQ qualities are not what AI can replicate at all in the foreseeable future.

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