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A New Era for EAP: From Floundering to Flourishing

The numbers don’t lie and what they’re telling us about the state of workplace wellbeing should not be ignored. The prevalence of mental health challenges are real.

Globally, 77 percent of employees are disengaged or psychologically unattached to their work. 44 percent of employees report that their job has negatively affected their mental health and one in four new employees quit due to mental health reasons.

The result? A lack of focus, motivation and fulfilment. For the organisation, this translates into a larger turnover, loss in productivity and replacement costs. A joint study by Duke-NUS Medical School and Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health puts the economic cost of mental health issues at nearly S$16 billion or 2.9 percent of Singapore’s GDP.[1]

How EAP has evolved

Traditional Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) undertaken by many organisations offer free and confidential sessions to their employees.

Traditional EAP

This is the default programme for many companies, where employees can access a counsellor to support them with stress and anxiety, major life events or family and relationship issues. However, stigma, long wait times for appointment, fear of confidentiality breaches, generic and limited counselling sessions and short-term approaches, have resulted in low utilisation rates of EAPs.

Digital EAP: Mental Health Tech Start-ups

Enter Digital EAP. Mental health-tech start-ups have emerged with innovative solutions to the traditional EAP. The focus is on digital intervention using online counselling platforms, webinars and additional resources available on the mobile application. While some of the more active providers in this space are adopting this proactive approach, their offerings are often limited because of a one-size-fits-all application, poorly trained specialists leading to low effectiveness and limited results. The recent debacle at various online counseling platforms have highlighted the importance of professionalism and proper credentials.

Elevated EAP by Elemental Health

At Elemental Health, we’re revolutionising the future of workplace well-being with our Elevated EAP – a solution that is proactive and universal, effective, and accessible.

Unique features of our Elevated EAP that provide meaningful benefits to you:

1. Proactive Approach

Our proactive approach generates a higher utilisation rate by working with HR to educate employees on mental well-being; and our clinical programs are designed by specialists to enhance workplace performance.

2. Universal Coverage

Our universal coverage means we do this at scale and not just at the individual level. Through our workplace training series, we offer support to managers to ensure they acquire understanding, knowledge and skills to effect a positive workplace culture.

3. Entire Workplace Wellbeing Care Spectrum Covered

We cover the entire workplace wellbeing care spectrum – from mental disorder, languishing, moderate mental health to flourishing, with resources that focus on counsel, coach, and care.

When it comes to counselling, our goal is to alleviate distress and manage difficult mental states. It focuses on helping the client to gain insight and restoration from circumstances and adopting healthier adaptive methods in the present. Under coaching, we help to navigate uncertainties and enhance self-efficacy, so your work performance is improved. The key focus is on evolving and manifesting the individual’s potential. And finally, care covers nutrition advice to aid physical and mental health. The entire spectrum is easily accessible via our website and the mobile.

4. Founded by Mental Healthcare Specialists

We are a trusted solution, founded by mental healthcare specialists. Our team members have held clinical leadership positions in hospitals, specialised clinics and corporate organisations who are equipped to navigate today’s complex workforce.

5. Science-backed Technology

Our science-backed technology of EMDR enables at least 8x faster recovery time than traditional therapy. In addition, our research-based performance enhancement protocols are proven to be effective and outcome-driven for work excellence.

Research has shown that companies with performance-enhancing cultures experience an average of 682% revenue growth over an eleven year period compared to 166% revenue growth for companies without performance-enhancing cultures

6. Lasting Positive Change

Our therapy is designed for lasting positive change through personalised and holistic care.

7. Easy Access

Our online platform enables easy access to bookings, with the same or next day appointment.

Why Elevate Your EAP?

For companies, the return on investment (ROI) is also measurable. According to a study, companies that invest in a solution that covers all stages of intervention (reactive, proactive and universal) stand to gain a return of 5.6 times for every dollar spent (Elevated EAP); compared to the lowest ROI of 3.4 times for reactive intervention (Traditional EAP).

Source: Deloitte

The State of Our Mental Health

Elemental Health’s highly qualified team of psychologists, counsellors and coaches have seen breakthrough success in as little as two sessions. Theo, a health associate, said that was all it took to achieve a breakthrough in trauma and make a recovery, compared to the 15 sessions she underwent elsewhere with no marked improvement. Clarence, a business analyst at a Fortune 500 company, saw his focus and energy significantly increase after one month of therapy and improved motivation and mood after the second session.

Theo and Clarence are just two examples, but the proof is in our results. 95 percent of our clients saw improvements in conditions that affect productivity. These conditions include procrastination, anxiety, stress, disengagement, depression and burnout. The recovery time was 8 times faster compared to traditional solutions. 80 percent saw a decrease in depression and anxiety severity within four sessions. Overall, a satisfaction rate of 93 percent.

The current workplace has become more complex with economic uncertainties, technology disruptions, stigma and demanding workplace culture. Employees have more mental health challenges than ever. Research indicates that 1 in 4 respondents report signs of burnout.

Let Us Help You

Organisations need to take (proactive) actions to deal with issues sustainably and at scale to create a work environment where employees can flourish.

At Elemental Health, our goal is to elevate your workforce through an integrated mental health platform. Through training and personalised evidence-based therapy, we want to empower organisations and their employees to be in their best element.

Learn more about Elevated EAP and how it can make an impact in improving your workplace wellbeing.

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